Erinnert Ihr euch noch an Lance?

Seit Oktober 2016 unterstützten wir Animal Aid Unlimited in Form einer Patenschaft, um so die tägliche Versorgung von Lance sicherzustellen. Da ist es natürlich schön, wenn wir hin und wieder ein kleines Lebenszeichen erhalten – so wie diese Woche geschehen:

Dear Julia,

At long last, here are a few more photos of your beautiful valiant and sweet-beyond-description Lance. I was actually surprised looking at the recent photos compared to the last ones we sent—he continues to improve. He is strong, and so affectionate. Whenever you are out in “his” area doing anything, petting a dog, sweeping, whatever, Lance usually quietly comes over to see what you’re doing and if you’re kneeling still he will sometimes just lean his whole head on your shoulder. I am so grateful that you, Julia, have personally taken Lance under your wing and helped so much to provide the environment he needed and needs. That includes caring for his companions and ensuring that we always have many care-givers visiting his area throughout the day, not just for feeding and cleaning but also with time to cuddle him and kiss him on the forehead as I know you would do if you could be here yourself.

Thank you so much for your tremendous imagination and such a loving heart,


Weitere Bilder von Lance finden sich in der Galerie - schaut doch mal rein.